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Street Pastors - could you be one?

Would you like to let your light shine into the darkness and give hope those who are lost? Then becoming a Street Pastor volunteer could be for you.
Our Street Pastors have been out pounding the streets of Peterborough between 10pm and 4am every Saturday night offering advice, support, prayer and assistance to everyone they encounter be it taxi drivers, doormen, police and those out enjoying a night on the town. The scheme has met with much support from the Police and the agencies within the city. 
What have we been doing?
We have giving out flip flops to girls whose feet are too sore to walk in their high heels, bottles of water, and bibles to those who have requested them. We assisted a young man who had drunk too much and who had passed out in the doorway of Tesco and made sure he got home safely. We also came to the rescue of two 17 year old girls who could not get home as their friend's car had broken down by ordering and paying for a taxi. Without our support they would have been left stranded and vulnerable.
"Word is getting out on the street that we are there to help look after them and the young people just love us. We often find ourselves being hugged by them and I believe that by showing God's love for them in this way we are creating trust and breaking down barriers" Juliet Welch, Street Pastor.
In addition to the social action side there is also the opportunity to share your faith should they ask. On one occasion we had a Polish guy chasing us down the street. He was desperately seeking God and asked for us to pray for him.
What is involved?
Volunteers will be required on a rotational basis and it is envisaged that you will serve once a month, and the hours will be between 10pm and 4am on a Saturday night.
All Street Pastors will receive training on how to offer relevant advice and help, to diffuse situations and signpost people to the right support agencies. The training will involve 12 Saturday sessions which will be split into blocks of 4 with a break in between.  
Who can apply?
Volunteers must be aged 18 or over and must have attended the same church for at least a year. All volunteers must have two references (one from their church leader) and will be CRB checked. 
How to apply?
If you would like an application form to volunteer, please contact Katie Good, Street Pastors Co-ordinator  at or call 07532 112879.   
Street Pastors is an interdenominational response to neighbourhood problems, engaging with young people on the streets and in the night time venues to care, listen, dialogue and offer practical help – basically being Christ’s witness on the streets.
 street pastors

Juliet Welch, 19/04/2012