Students & Young Adults

KingsGate Young Adults is a thriving community of 18-30’s in the Peterborough area.
We believe in empowering a generation by creating a space where you feel inspired, encouraged and challenged in every area to live life to the full. Lives that are lived to the full are ones that impact others, we have loads of opportunity to influence others through partnering with local and global organisations that provide for those in need as well as introducing people to the incredible life we have received.


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To live life to the full, we believe we need others to help us get there. Our LifeGroups are small groups that give you the opportunity to meet amazing people who will love getting to know you and who you’ll love getting to know. We’re confident you’ll find a place where you fit.
If you’re not part of a LifeGroup, let us know. We’d love to meet you and introduce you to one of our amazing LifeGroup leaders.



“My LifeGroup girls aren’t just people who I meet with every Wednesday night, they’re my friends and I love them to bits!”
– Sandi

“Being in a LifeGroup has really helped me feel connected when I come back to Peterborough in my uni holidays”
– Ashley

“When I’m with the lads we basically laugh our way through the night – I’m always glad I’ve been!”
– Joe



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